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EADN undertakes several activities to achieve the objectives for which it is established.
Its major activities include:

  • Regional Research Projects: EADN seeks to facilitate collaborative research projects between different research institutions in the region. The aim of the regional research projects is to build knowledge of regional issues, through comparative studies on a regional theme. Projects completed or ongoing are:
  • Social Impact of the Asian Financial Crisis
  • Indicators and Analyses of Vulnerabilities to Economic Crises
  • Income Distribution and Sustainable Economic Development: The East Asian Experience
  • Political Transition and Development in East Asia
  • Urban Poverty and Social Safety Nets in East Asia (See the conference detail)
  • Labour Migration and East Asian Integration
  • A Study of FDI in East Asia
  • EADN Individual Research Grant Projects: EADN awards individual research grants, providing financial support for research aimed at improving research capacity and research quality in developing East Asia. The grants are awarded on a competitive basis to selected research proposals from individuals or teams of researchers from the EADN member economies on topics that are social science and development-oriented and policy-relevant.
  • Global Research Projects: EADN assists the Global Development Network in the implementation of the Global Research Projects. These projects include:
  • Explaining Growth
  • Understanding Reform
  • Bridging Research and Policy
  • Impact of Rich Country Policies on Poverty
  • EADN Training Grants: EADN provides fellowships and financial support for young researchers to undertake research at any of its member institutes and in organised training programmes organized by international and regional organizations.
  • EADN Annual Forum: EADN organizes an annual forum for its membership for the purpose of research networking, presentation and discussion of results of research projects funded by EADN, and presentation and evaluation of research proposals for EADN funding.
  • EADN Research Workshops: EADN organises a series of research workshops to discuss and evaluate work-in-progress and presentation of results of various research projects.
  • EADN Website: The EADN website provides information to inform the EADN membership, GDN, other regional networks and interested parties of the EADN membership, activities, research grants and grant-funded publications. GDN is currently assisting EADN and other regional networks in developing the GDNet Regional Windows.